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CONSTRUCTION LANDSCAPE, LLC is the landscaping contractor for all your Melbourne landscaping needs!

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From brick paver patios and walkways, to water features and fencing, Construction Landscape, LLC is the landscaping contractor for every aspect of your commercial or residential landscaping project.



As a landscaping contractor…..


Some clients want minimal, low maintenance landscapes, others want intricate and rare landscape designs that require more attention than others. Regardless, Construction Landscape has the expertise and capabilities for fulfilling your Melbourne landscaping wish list! We like to complete our projects by having everything in order for our clients. As a landscaping contractor, we understand that most people are unaware of all the facets that make up a successful project completion. For instance, here are some commonly overlooked aspects of landscape design: volume taken up by plant material, surplus volume after continual growth overtime, measurements for brick pavers and standard sizes of paver walkways, water features, how water features are powered and ran, landscape lighting, and definitely most importantly- the process and standards of your HOA before, during, and after your Melbourne landscaping.


Construction Landscape, LLC took on this complex landscaping project in Melbourne, FL. It was complex because our clients didn’t want to spare any opportunity for utilizing beautiful landscape design, despite the challenge of landscaping smaller spaces. From top to bottom, from layer to layer, our landscape designer creatively utilized as much space as possible, while maintaining functionality within the outdoor living space. Our landscape designer touched on many techniques to optimize the value of this Melbourne landscaping, that is one of the benefits of having all the capabilities of a landscaping contractor. Here are a few examples of how our landscape designer worked her landscaping contractor magic:


Brick Paver Pathways

Using shape and form, like in this instance a curvature within the form, our designer was able to open up the space a bit with a brick paver pathway. The texture, color, and shape of the brick paver pathway contribute volumes of character within the space. Our landscape designer includes the measurements, placement, etc.. in her design, then acts as a landscaping contractor to ensure the brick paver pathway is laid properly.

Rare and Custom Plant Material

Construction Landscape, LLC takes pride in being a landscaping contractor that works exclusively with Grade A plant nurseries in the State of Florida. Plant material and product used in our landscape designs need to be reliable and reputable material. The quality of the products we use has a direct result on the success of our landscape installation. We have researched and fostered these professional relationships within the landscaping community to ensure the quality of our projects from start to finish.

Plant of the Week: Heliconia

Plant of the Week: Alocasia Portora

Landscape Lighting

Be sure to allow for the upgrade of landscape lighting to highlight the beautiful aspects of your landscape design day and night.

Water features

Add the stimulation of aesthetics and sound with a water feature that fits comfortably into your landscape design. Water features now come in all shapes and materials.

Construction Landscape, LLC has turned their turnkey company into a precise machine that fosters the creativity of our landscape designer, which in turn, ensures success through its’ proven method for landscape project management. Make sure that all the details, from A to Z, top to bottom, are worked into the master plan for your landscape design. Call the Construction Landscape office to reserve time for your consultations and landscape design presentation. We look froward to working with you! Call (772)492-8382 today!

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