Special Projects

Landscape design to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle and rising water bills requires careful planning. Choosing local plants with low water requirements or substituting ponds with waterfalls and fountains for instance can contribute to a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t consume all your time, effort or resources. All it takes is creative ideas, smart planning, the right garden products and a landscaping service that knows how to fit all the pieces together.

Construction Landscape offers expert landscaping services for those special projects that require out-of-the-box thinking. We understand that the success of garden design lies not only in the conceptualization and installation but more importantly, maintenance. That’s why our landscape design ideas revolve around the needs, wants and lifestyle of the property owner.

What do our specialized landscape design services include?

  • Paver installation
  • Water features
  • Interior plant designs
  • Small space landscaping
  • Tropical landscaping
  • Rock gardens
  • Zen gardens
  • Low maintenance landscape designs
  • And much more

Some landscaping projects require that expert touch that only an experienced service like Construction Landscape can provide. Don’t settle for anything that is less than the best. We serve all of Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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special-projects-19Landscape Design Ideas to Meet Your Unique Needs

From resort style, captivating landscapes to intimate yet functional spaces, Construction Landscape pays special attention to bring out the potential of each property. You will be amazed at the transformations possible.

  • Planning to convert to a low maintenance landscape design? We’ve helped so many property owners have an attractive outdoor space with half the maintenance of a traditional garden.
  • Need small space landscaping? We know how to make it look big and beautiful at the same time.
  • Looking to create a gorgeous rock garden? We have access to stunning plants and colored stones that we can weave into a spectacular, one-of-a-kind landscape design.
  • Want to make a statement with gorgeous water features? We can make it the focal point of your garden and the talk of the town.

Construction Landscape will provide you with enough examples to inspire your own distinctive style. Then we will work it out on our 3D virtual landscape design system to confirm we’ve got it right. After the installation is complete, we will conduct a complete walk-through on the premises with you to ensure it turned out exactly the way we envisioned it.

Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa Beach, we’ll come out to wherever you are.

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