Our Design System

Construction Landscape provides a proven landscape design system to meet the individualized needs of residential and commercial property owners in Florida. Our expert landscape designer and skilled landscapers service the widespread areas of Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach. Whether it’s an entire commercial property, pool landscaping or a corner of your backyard we provide the same level of detailed, personalized attention. A seamless process has made us the first choice landscaping company for this area.

An overview of our landscape design system:


  • Client interview: Every project begins with a detailed client interview to understand your specific needs and preferences.
  • Site inspection and assessment: We conduct a thorough site inspection and assessment to understand the type of property we’re dealing with as well as the design possibilities.
  • Landscape design ideas: Our expert landscape designer will transform your dream garden into a landscape design we can work with. Prior to receiving your layout or landscape design ideas, we provide you with several project samples to help determine your preferred style. All styles are tailored to your specific needs.
  • 3D virtual design: We use advanced 3D imaging technology to create a visual representation of your landscape design. For our larger projects we incorporate a CAD plan, detailing the layout of the entire property. This provides a clear idea of the actual look. It gives us a chance to make any changes or modifications you might want before we actually get started. We want you to be absolutely sure before you commit to the project.
  • Proposal and estimate: Once your landscape plan has been completed, we present our proposal, reviewing the digital 3D plan including the costs and details of your project.
  • Plant selection: Our designer hand picks every plant to be installed so that it matches the visual 3D design plan. The plants and hardscape materials we use are always top quality to ensure best results.
  • Project execution: The landscape designer works closely with the installer on-site to ensure everything goes exactly the way it’s supposed to. Installation is managed by the owner.
  • Final review: After the installation is complete, we conduct a complete walk-through on the premises so that you can see the spectacular results.
  • Landscape maintenance advice: We also provide instructions on caring for your new plants and trees. This will help you establish healthy landscapes from the time of installation into maturity.

Construction Landscape has been given a prestigious 5-Star rating by Better Homes and Gardens. We owe our success to an unwavering commitment to absolute customer satisfaction.

Call 772-473-3218 today for a free commercial landscape design consultation OR a free 3D virtual commercial landscape design in Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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