Pool Landscaping Ideas in Vero Beach and Melbourne, Florida

For those of us who are fortunate enough to not only live in Florida, but also own a pool to enjoy our beautiful weather, taking a tropical vacation is only a few steps away. Even the most beautiful pool will benefit from the creative eye of a talented landscape designer. Professional pool landscaping ideas can mean the difference between having a place to swim versus setting the stage for a lush, relaxing oasis.

Choosing the right plants, planters, lighting and accents can truly elevate your space.  When planning the area, here are a few pool landscaping ideas to consider.

Set the stage with an elegant hardscape and accents

The use of natural rock (or even natural-looking artificial rock) can create the feel of your pool being part of the environment and not just an addition. Using a waterfall in the design will soothing, relaxing ambiance and give an inviting motion to the water. Large planters and seating walls will give depth and layers to your design.

Select plants that will give a tropical feel

The Florida climate is perfect for the sort of palms, flowering plants and greenery that will make your pool area rival the most beautiful spas and resorts in the Caribbean. Make sure the plants you choose will fit your lifestyle and the level of maintenance you’re willing to manage.  A little research up front will pay off in the long run. The most gorgeous pool landscaping in the world is only as good as it is resilient and workable.

Don’t forget to add good lighting

When the sun goes down, the dramatic lighting comes up, turning your pool area into a romantic, serene refuge from the world. Use spotlights to draw attention to your favorite landscaping features. Fiber optic lighting offers many illuminating options with both color and creativity. Lighting for the pool itself can create a twinkling sanctuary under the stars.

Bring the heat with an outdoor kitchen or fireplace

A pool landscaping idea that really been catching fire lately is having an outdoor fireplace. The soft glow and warm ambiance is homey and inviting for your guests, and is a welcome touch as the nights begin to cool off in the winter.

A year-round feature that’s always popular is the convenience and elegance of an outdoor kitchen and bar area. You won’t have to miss a even a moment of the fun when you’re preparing a meal while friends mix up some margaritas. This is a functional and stylish addition to any pool area.

Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a landscape designer

There are a lot of items to consider as you begin the process of planning, and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. At Construction Landscape, we’re excited to share our experience and work with you to create the pool landscaping of your dreams. Call for a free consultation, and we can build your ideas into a 3D layout to help you envision exactly what you’ll get!