Garden Design Ideas In Vero Beach and Melbourne, FL

Recent garden design ideas have shifted from larger than-life and very flashy, to unique, nature-centered, and geometrically creative. For many years, the common request from clients had been a more minimalist approach: remove trees, clear and level land, lots of sod installation, tropical buffers, and a few visual accents. Landscape and garden design has taken a more personal and non-conventional role in clients’ outdoor living spaces. Here are a few trends to consider if you’re looking to freshen up the look of your property.

Garden design for small spaces

Big or small, the overall consensus is to landscape it all! The right choice of plants and accents can transform and open up small spaces. Climbing plant material is very convenient for this purpose. Trellises and living walls also make this concept achievable in almost any size space. If you have the right landscape designer, they can help you incorporate a climber or crawler that requires little maintenance to lessen any burden associated with custom garden design.

Use planters to add interest to your garden design

Incorporating ceramics and planters into your garden design: The layering technique has not only become very effective with plant and tree material, but many designers have been using this technique with ceramics to strengthen the theme of landscape design, such as Mediterranean or Tuscan. Small containers can be used on smaller spaces, like retaining walls and such, or concrete planters can accent larger areas. Again, big or small, this technique can be used.

Landscaping design that makes sense

Butterfly bushes, Atropha trees, Mulhy grass, Lupines, Wax myrtle, Muscadine grapes, Florida elderberries, and other plants are among those which attract butterflies and many species of birds. Your outdoor living space can be used as a canvas to create a beautiful picture as well as a welcoming habitat for beneficial wildlife. Not only are these creatures a joy to watch, but they help to keep a healthy, flourishing environment.

Landscape River Stone prevents drainage issuesAlong with keeping nature in mind, setting a practical, natural tone is a current focus of garden design. Opting to use wood 2’x4’s filled with stone to create walkways instead of slate steps creates a more natural pathway. Bordering that pathway with ornamental grasses adds depth and character. Adding non-conforming layers of aesthetics and accents that appear to have no rhyme or reason to their placement in the garden design, except their variety of textures and bold pops of color, encourage a perfect flow with the overall originality of the landscape.

If you have potential drainage issues, clever garden design ideas can turn them into a feature, not problem. Low maintenance landscape rock and gravel has been the better choice over mulch, due to its qualities of aiding in the prevention of drainage issues. Elevated beds have also been consistent in garden design, due to the common increase of rainfall in our areas.

For a more personal touch and landscape design consultation, call us today at (772) 492-8382. Our in-house landscape designer, Jennifer Bevins, will personally tailor any of these design ideas to your custom garden design. We look forward to working with you on your landscape project! At Construction Landscape, LLC of Vero Beach and Melbourne, FL, we love what we do!