Planning an Outdoor Summer Party?

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Pool You plan the party, and we’ll bring the tropics to you! Summer is right around the corner.  As we bid adieu to Spring, we welcome in the warm days, cool nights with gentle breezes and the fresh scent of citrus and jasmine that beckon the senses to awaken, come alive, and let your inner child roam free in the garden… Whether it’s a cottage-style garden, a small garden space, or a huge party area on the patio by the lake, magic and memories are ready to happen right outside your door.  This is what we do.  We create the tropical design or private oasis customized to fit your specific style, and installed to meet every aspect and specification. IMG_6993-1-768x576 Extend your home outdoors where barbecues, warm lazy days, blueberry picking, laying in the hammock with a cool drink in hand, ahhh…finally Summer is just about here. The longer days extend our time after work for more time in the sun, and the beautiful outdoors.  We are so lucky to live here on the beautiful treasure and space coast where there’s so much to be thankful for. Greet your party guests with fresh flowers at the door from your garden.  Relax on the swing in the garden or the front porch.  Many of our favorite landscape designs incorporate a swing into the garden, or a swing to the front porch to increase your curb appeal. Lounge about the pool with an ice cold drink in hand. Some cool lemonade or a frozen margarita is calling your name. Plantings and palms around the pool area will keep you even cooler! Listen to the sweet sounds of birds or music emanating from the garden, pool, or patio. Or literally PUMP UP THE JAM!!! It’s time to let loose, and relax. Fire up the barbecue and the tunes! Whether it’s salsa dancing, or with guacamole on the chips you can spice up the party with lights, music, and action!  Hanging some lights along the trees can really liven up the party!  Or just lie on the hammock, and dream about your next adventure. Simply clear your mind from the busy week.  The sway of palms and colorful flowers will surely relax you. ake a dip in the cool water, or listen to the gentle flowing waterfall. Colorful butterflies are aflutter with the layers of colorful flowers and shrubs in the background to paint the canvas of your day.  Bring your own imagination and wildest dreams into your landscape design. Cool ice cream, and warm delicious smores will bring you back to special moments and simple times. This is where time stands still to create awesome memories, and real connections can take place.  Have a ball, relax, and dream.  Set your inner child free to roam, play, and enjoy every minute of summer. A bold, fresh residential landscape design can create the perfect setting for any event.  When the day winds down take a moment to appreciate the sunset that illuminates the landscape. The tiki bars come alive with the moonlight to dance beneath, or  just gaze and wish upon the stars as your surrounded by your own private tropical oasis. With all the hustle and bustle in the busy days of adulting, it’s sure nice to know that summer is finally upon us.  Relax, soak it all in, treasure every moment, and come home to another day in paradise with Construction Landscape With Designs by Jennifer Bevins. 
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