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The landscape plants you select play an important role in the success of your garden landscape design as well as maintenance. A good way to do it may be to develop your landscape design ideas around the plants that you would like to see. Plant selection is more complex than it looks. There are so many categories to choose from and each has a specific purpose in the overall design.

Some tips to guide your landscape plant selection:

  • Flowering plants add color, beauty and interest to your garden design.
  • Trees and shrubs provide structure and form. They can fill a landscape with flowers, fragrance, greenery, color, and form in a way that belies their size.
  • Ground covers require less maintenance than a lawn. They are typically used in areas that receive little traffic.
  • Vines add greenery or color and use little ground space, offering an effective way to create vertical interest in the landscape. Vines are also useful in creating, hiding unattractive spaces, and making the most of a small garden.

Achieving the right balance is what makes all the difference. This requires a trained and experienced eye.

Construction Landscape has a 5-Star Rating from Better Homes and Gardens. This acts as a seal of approval for our customers with the assurance of a job well done. We're not only experienced in design and installation but we hand pick the right landscape plants to achieve the exact look and feel that you want.

Property owners all across the Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach count on us to bring their dream gardens to life.

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Quality Landscape Plants Enhance the Healthy and Beauty of Your Garden

Wondering which landscape plants will look best in your garden? Choosing local plants is the ideal thing to do as they are more likely to thrive in your growing conditions. This pertains not just to rainfall and irrigation but soil, sunlight and heartiness as well. It is equally important to pick plants that will compliment your building structure and the neighborhood.

You don't have to stress over which plants to select or where to get your favorite varieties. That's what we're here for. Construction Landscape has an extensive collection of top quality plants that caters to the most discerning tastes. We understand there's more to plant selection than just getting your personal favorites. While getting the plants and trees you want is very important, making sure they will grow well is critical to a beautiful and healthy garden in Melbourne, Vero Beach, Merritt Island, Stuart, Melbourne Beach, Jupiter, Cocoa Beach, or wherever you are. That's where Jennifer Bevins, our expert landscape designer, can help. She will work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need. This includes hand selecting your plants to guarantee quality and consistency with your design.

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